In-House Services


We have experience altering uniforms of all shapes and sizes, altering various uniform components and changing and adding rank and insignia according to uniform regs.  Also, extensive experience in applying patches of all shapes and sizes.  Whether it be on a letterman jacket or a police uniform.  No job is too small.


Sometimes a design simply cries out for the look of embroidery. At T & T, we understand the need for superior quality control and outstanding workmanship that comes with any embroidery project.

We'll happily put our embroidery up against anyone in the industry. With modern, fully automated equipment and true multi-thread computer-driven heads we can produce consistent, quality results, repeatedly and economically.
As a result, when your design turns out so successful that you need another production run, you can depend on the new run matching the previous one precisely.

And, when you've got that really big order, our 15 head machine can get it done quickly. So, whether it's Golf Caps, Polo Shirts, Sports Bags or Tour Jackets, we'll see to it that you receive the fastest, most accurate and professional embroidery service you've ever experienced.


Depending on how technical your artwork is, we'd prefer to have the file sent to us in a certain format at a certain resolution.  If you are unable to meet these requirements, it's not a problem!  We can work with you.  We have graphic artists in-house who can help you with your artwork needs.
Our file of choice is VECTOR ART such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Files and EPS Files, or HIGH RES. FORMATS such as Adobe Photoshop Files, PDF Files...etc.  If you do not have photoshop, illustrator or are unable to recreate or convert your artwork into a photoshop document, then try to send High Resolution JPG Files (.jpg). If you do not have any of these, THAT IS OKAY!  We will do it for you!
Resolution: 300 DPI or 300 Pixels/Inch
If you are going to create your image from scratch in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, please use these file settings:
1. Front Left Chest: 4 Inches Wide Maximum. Height does not matter, whatever is proportional to the width. Please design in 300 Pixels/Inch Resolution (To do this, when you go to File > New - Change the Defaulted 72 Pixels/Inch (DPI) to 300)
2. Full Chest or Full Back: 12 Inches Wide Maximum. 12 Inch Height Maximum. Please design in 300 Pixels/Inch (DPI) Resolution.

When finished, you can email us the file with your Full Name in the subject line after you have placed your order with us!


At T & T, creating custom apparel is an art form. This is because we realize how powerful custom printed t-shirts can be for your company, school, church or just about any organization. Custom printed tees can be used effectively for many purposes.

Promote your business everywhere you go. Screen Printed apparel is one of the most inexpensive ways you can promote your business in style. It is not too 'pushy' so as to annoy your clients yet you get the message across all the same.

Commemorate an event. Celebrating a company anniversary? Sponsoring a sports event? Personalized t-shirts are great giveaways! People love receiving them because they are practical gifts. As such, they are used all the time, helping you build brand recognition for your business.

Raise funds with custom tees. Personalized tee shirts are great ways to raise some cash for a special event or occasion. Again, you are offering items of good use to consumers who are more than glad to be associated with the event you are promoting.

Build team spirit. So who do you want to be associated with? Our high-quality screen printed tees are great ways to promote that feeling of camaraderie within any sports club, church group, school guild, business team building session, and others!