Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How long does it take to have custom orders made?
Answer:      Normal Production time is at least 2 weeks (14 Days). This may vary at times depending on the volume of business we have when the order is placed. 
Question:    Can I get it faster?
Answer:      Any production times less then 2 weeks (14 Days) will require approval from our production manager and will incur Rush Charges starting at $25, depending on due date and complexity of the order.
Question:    Why should I try and order at least 6 items?
Answer:      All of our equipment is set-up to produce at least 6 items at the same time. Less then 6 pieces on an order will require additional costs. Fees vary per order.     
Question:    Why can’t I bring in my own clothing items for embroidery or screen print?
Answer:      We will not accept responsibility for personal items. In the event of an equipment malfunction, we cannot replace your items at a reasonable cost.
Question:    Why can’t I order custom items on your website?
Answer:      Custom work requires a level of service that is not available unless we are face to face.
Question:    How much do I have to pay to place my custom order?
Answer:      All orders are to be paid in full when the order is placed. If you have an account with us, speak to your sales rep for any billing questions.
Question:    How long does it take to get Letterman Jackets made?
Answer:      We stock several schools and if we have your size and style here, it will typically be ready within 4 weeks. If the jacket has to be ordered it will take 6-8 weeks to complete. These jackets are custom made to order with our vendor. We will not accept jacket orders over the phone. There are many details that must be documented and approved with a signature.
Question:    How will I know when my order is ready?
Answer:      We will call you when your order is complete. If you call to check on your order please allow the amount of production time that was given by your sales representative and please have your salesperson’s name when calling.
Question:    Can I bring in the custom items that were made for a school and trade sizes?
Answer:      These custom items are not stocked. Individual purchases are generally more expensive than when sold to the schools. Sizing issues or other questions are better off directed to your contact with the school.
Question:    I live far away from you; can I still order custom items to be made?
Answer:      We can ship items anywhere, shipping charges would apply. There are many details to work out and those can be worked out typically via e-mail and phone conversations. You must account for additional time to receive goods by mai